Our Services



Although PRC does not provide every imaginable market research service to our customers, we do provide information technology based research, that is both understandable, and more importantly, useable. With literally thousands of projects delivered, we know what our clients need…..or in many cases, do not need.
Today, our goal is to provide market research that speaks directly to those people who need it, manage it and use it.


Over the years our customers have procured our services to research a broad range of technology categories and services, customer targets, addressable markets, implementation strategies, customer structure, policy, planned purchases – frankly the list is a long one.
Although those information requirements are important, one defining deliverable aspect became very clear – customers no longer wanted, nor needed a 200+ page report that does not provide the insight and clarity that is so critical to our customers sales and marketing decisions and agendas. So we changed!

Today, our approach now includes customized contact services that provide immediate ROI. By focussing on specific customer targets, designing compelling discussion guides and scripts, PRC is now providing our customers with unparalleled engagement information that serves both the sales and marketing agenda’s. 


Customer Acquisition and Lead Generation Services
Partner Research Corporation provides specialized  and targeted B2B call centre services that accommodate a significant variety of outbound calling initiatives to Canada and the U.S.  
Our clients require highly communicative contact professionals that have the ability to step outside the “script-box”, when necessary. In addition, our clients do not have to worry about uninformed, monotone call agents. 
PRC Contact Services owns and will source targeted lists in order to provide companies, including IT, Medical, Finance, Publishing, Trade & Conference and general business with a wide range of growth and intelligence services.

Example services include: Lead generation, customer feedback calls, event participation and follow-up, subscription calls (renewal & acquisition), product introduction calls, customer/potential customer profiling and database work, channel (VARs, SI’s, Consultant) profiling and database work, data entry and conversion work and market research.


PRC has over 30 years of experience calling and researching virtually every business category within the North American landscape.
Those targets include:
Mid-market/SMB, Large Enterprise, SOHO Channel
* Manufacturing * Solution Providers/VARs
* Communications * Distribution
* Publishing * System Integrators (SIs)
* Transportation * ISVs
* Utilities * System Builders
* Wholesale/Retail * Consultants
* Finance/Insurance
* Medical
* Information Technology
* Government
* Hotel & Lodging
* Hospitality (restaurants, bars, etc.)
* Retail
* Education